Burn Fund 

As firefighters we understand all too well the risks of suffering a burn. As men and women, whether on or off duty, we are always thinking about those we have come across who have suffered this terrible consequence. In response we have joined many other firefighter unions in helping to create and fund our regional BC Professional Firefighters Burn Fund. This group looks after anyone suffering from a burn or burn injury from the earliest points of life, to the oldest. With bursaries, camps, psychological programs, medical treatment, and research funding, the Burn Fund is there for victims and families throughout their lives. We are proud to continue supporting this cause so close to our hearts.

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It’s in our nature to care

We don’t do charitable work because we have to, we do it because we care about people. It’s the same reason we became firefighters in the first place – to better our community, make it stronger, healthier, safer. Many of us will go our entire careers without ever pulling a child from a burning building. But our charitable society guarantees we will all have a chance to better a child’s life. And, for us, that’s what it’s all about.