Clothing Bank

One hundred and twenty thousand pounds of textiles end up in our landfill every year. The Clothing Bank is our response – both to the environment and our community. Through partnership with Raven Recycling and PNW Freight Systems, we created Whitehorse’s first landfill textile diversion program, which opened to the public in August of 2017. The goal is to divert 50,000 lbs of clothing from the landfill each year.

Our message is simple. If you have extra clothing (including purses, shoes/boots, belts, bras, and any other clothing in reasonably good condition), and have already contacted local reuse agents, drop them off at the Clothing Bank located at Raven Recycling. It helps WFCS generate revenue for our local programs, it helps the reuse agents who may be overwhelmed with supply, and it helps keep reusable textiles out of our landfills by giving them second life as industrial rags or exports.

It’s as simple as wash ’em, bag ’em, drop ‘em off. We’ll take care it from there.


Use us to do good

What is the nature of a firefighter? Strong, quick to act, reliable, compassionate, friendly, team first—self second, plus kids want to dress like them for Halloween! Sound like the kind of people you want on your charitable project? We hope so because, in case you didn’t know, we’re firefighters on the side. When you use us to do good, these traits come with the package.