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Elizabeth Boyd Memorial Bursary

This $1,500 award is intended to recognize students with an exceptional record of volunteering in their community. In honour of Commissioner’s Award winner, and volunteer firefighter, Elizabeth Boyd, and her legacy of selfless service.



Award eligibility is extended to all Yukon students 19 years of age or under who are pursuing post-secondary schooling in university or in trades.

To apply

Applicants must submit volunteering resume along with 2 reference letters (non-family) to by March 30th 2019 ( our paper copy is set for future application years, please excuse the January submission deadline, it will be applicable next year). The decision will be made by late April, and the successful applicant will be invited to the Whitehorse Firefighters Charitable Society Gala for presentation.



What we are looking for

Elizabeth spent large amounts of her youth dedicated to helping her community and mentoring others around her. Show us what you have done, who you have helped, what you have learned. The Whitehorse Firefighters Charitable Society, along with members of the Boyd family wish to keep inspiring, encouraging and supporting Yukon students who have the same spirit Elizabeth is remembered for.