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Endowment Fund


fundraising has opened our eyes….

This isn’t easy. Anyone that has worked with non-profits or a charitable can attest to this. It is understandable to see why so many fail, or have difficulty, depending solely on donations, and the fortunes of their supporters economic situation.

In developing a future plan we learned that we have big dreams for our community. But we also have a commitment. That commitment looks far in front of us. With guidance from our brothers and sisters in the British Columbia Professional Firefighters Associations, we came up with a 100year plan.

This plan would allow us to ride economic waves which crash against communities and make fundraising difficult at times for non-profits and charitable organizations.

Our goal is to do more for our community, but to do so we are faced with difficult and labour intensive fundraising. Our method is an Endowment fund.

This is a restricted fund designed by CRA to allow Charities use of investment and gives long term stability. The principal can never be touched as dictated by federal rules. All it can ever be, is transferred to another charitable organization. While the interest can be used by our charitable in becoming a passive fundraising model for programming, today and into tomorrow.

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We are working with TPC financial Group to help create this fund. They have the know how and ability to guide us in growing this fund into the direction our community needs. Our hope is that by 2020, the start of our fund will see $100 turn into $10,000 by 2120.

Donations can be made towards our Endowment fund by going to our Donations page on this website, or contacting us directly.

A direct link will be coming by the winter of 2019.